Kendama USA : Kaizen Half Split - Shift Shape - Super Stick - Green/White

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The Kaizen Half Split Kendama is a core pillar in the Kendama USA product line. It’s designed for pro-level playability at an entry-level price. This Kendama has multiple tracking elements including the red & white 1/2 split Tama design, the white top-dot on the tama, and the Kaizen engraving on the top of the big cup. The matching red string is extra long to accommodate modern play style and makes this dama a juggling machine. The grippy KUSA paint helps you lock in precision balance tricks. This Kendama is a great option if you’re shopping for your first Kendama, or if you’re an advanced player looking for a reliable go-to.


  • Shift Shape Ken
  • Made of High-Quality Beech Wood
  • Red & White Half Split Tama Design
  • Grippy KUSA Super Stick Paint
  • Extra Long Color Matched Strings
  • Tracking Top Dot on top of Tama

Choose the color that matches your style and personality.  View our other color options HERE.  

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