Puzzles and mind games online shop, where you can buy online a variety of models of the best brands. Wooden puzzles, Cast metal puzzles with the best finishes and quality. You can choose between different levels, from the simplest to spend a fun time, to very advanced for the most experienced and daring.  Hours of fun guaranteed thanks to the best puzzles.


Puzzle Hanayama Huzzle Cast: Horse

In the old far west of America, horses were the only means of transport. In those days, cowboys had to do everything they could to keep their horses from being stolen. It is said that a cowboy had the idea of rigging the horseshoes to serve as a lock. So according to the story, this was the starting point for this puzzle. Don't just use your head you will...

Puzzle Hanayama Huzzle Cast: Devil

The beginning of the 20th century saw a kind of puzzle boom, which in 1905 led to an absurdly simple-looking puzzle known as The Devil's Claws. We were surprised to see how well this new version turned out after deciding to revise the original. Don't let its simple appearance fool you. Those who allow frustration to overcome them often leave this puzzle...

Puzzle Hanayama Huzzle Cast: Amour

A masterpiece of the metalworker Akio Yamamoto, the key word in this puzzle is love. The two loose loops together make this puzzle extremely challenging. The aim is to get the loops Adam and Eve masterfully joined together from the metal plate carved in the shape of the Forbidden Fruit, and if you manage to put them back together again, your love will...


Fun and addictive puzzles puzzles of different designs and materials. Choose the most appropriate level of difficulty and enjoy exercising your mind to get the right solution. The healthiest way to have a good time. Have fun!

Online Puzzle Shop

The Joker House is a shop specializing in puzzles where you can find all levels, from the most basic for those who are starting, to pro puzzles for more advanced players looking for much more demanding challenges.

In our store we only work with specialized brands, so if you want to buy a puzzle with the best guarantees, in our store you can find the best products in quality and level appropriate.

Our customers are the most important to us and therefore, in each order always offer: 

The Best Products

We are always looking for the newest and best quality products in each category.

Easy Return

You can always return or exchange your order without giving any explanation.

Perfect Price

We try to offer the most competitive prices in the market at all times.

Fust Delivery

All orders leave our warehouse within 24 working hours.

Secure Payment

All payments at The Joker House are made on 100% secure servers external to our company.

Puzzle Brands

We only work with specialized brands, which invest in product development and support the world of puzzles and puzzles, giving support, organizing events, fairs, courses, workshops ...

The main puzzle brands we work with are: Professor Puzzle, Hanayama, Vin&Co

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Below you can find more information about the puzzles and puzzles that we offer in the shop:

What is a puzzle?

The word puzzle itself is already giving us a great clue about what we can expect from this type of toys.

There is a lot of variety of puzzles, from the typical ones that consist in breaking down a figure that has different pieces and then being able to compose it again obtaining the initial form, to other compounds with different elements: ropes, balls, keys,... whose purpose is to be able to achieve a certain objective given in the instructions of the puzzle itself.

Each time are more original and creative puzzles that we can find in the market and the brands do not stop to get new proposals that have us totally hooked.

The purpose is always to have a good time while you try to surpass yourself with the different challenges that offer us.

Types of levels

In this type of toys it is important that they indicate us the level of difficulty that we will find. 

Most manufacturers use a rating of 0-6 with 0 being the lowest level and 6 the highest.

It is essential to look at the level before buying a puzzle, since it is not the same if it is intended for an experienced person, which hopes to find a real mental challenge, that if the user is going to be a child or someone who has never tried this type of games, if you use a very advanced puzzle can frustrate you and make you lose interest quickly.

How to choose the right level?

It is necessary to be able to look for a balance so that it is not excessively simple nor very complicated impossible to guess, but it is always good that it supposes a challenge when the solution is obtained.

It is what will make us love and hook us to this type of game so healthy.

Benefits of Puzzles

We are currently in a world where technology is the protagonist of our free time, so whoever discovers this type of games and sees how fun they are and the amount of benefits they bring us, will be fortunate.

These are some of the benefits of playing with puzzles and puzzles:

Ability to overcome
Each puzzle offers us a different challenge and is a pride when we manage to solve them. We will gradually move up the level with the desire to face new mental challenges with the idea that we can not resist any.
Ability Mathematical Logic
It helps us plan, anticipate movements, be a strategist thinking about how to get the piece to fit in the right place.
Improved self-esteem and management of frustration
These are two aspects that will accompany us all our lives. When we manage to find the solution, we will strengthen our self-esteem by knowing that we have achieved what we set out to do. On the other hand, by playing with puzzles we will learn to control our frustration when we don't find the right piece and we will try to keep on thinking in search of the right one.
We exercise the brain
The left hemisphere is the logical part and the right is the creative and intuitive part. With this type of puzzle both sides work together making us have a more developed and powerful mind.
Reduces risk of Alzheimer's or other diseases
Scientific studies have shown that those who play with puzzles, crosswords, puzzles... are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's, dementia or memory loss, as you maintain intense brain activity.
Games to share
This type of games is valid for all ages, so we can play and challenge our friends or other family members, getting to have a common hobby that helps us unite more.
Economical toy
It is a very economical type of toy, as it is made with simple materials: wood, rope, metal, it makes its cost affordable for anyone.
The puzzles are fun toys that entertain a lot and we can find a great variety so that our hours of fun have no limit.
Puzzles are a kind of games that require a certain amount of concentration, which helps you avoid any problems and relax by focusing only on the game in hand.

Videos about Puzzles

Here you can see the most spectacular videos in puzzle resolution

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