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Original game from Japan with thousands of years of tradition. 

With our collection of Kendamas of the best brands on the market you can enjoy this hobby for hours and take it to the level you want. 

Kendamas Online Shop

The Joker House is a shop specializing in Kendamas, where you can find a wide catalog of models ranging from the most basic to beginners to pro-models for competition.

In our store we only work with specialized brands so, if you want to buy a Kendama that offers you some guarantees, any of our brands will offer you a quality product and adapted to your level.

Our customers are the most important thing for us and in every order we always offer:

Best Products

We are always looking for the newest and best quality products in each category.

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You can always return or change your order. Without giving any reason

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We try to offer at all times the most competitive prices in the market

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All orders leave our warehouse within 24 working hours.

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Kendama Brands

As we have said, we only work with specialized brands that invest in product development and support the kendama scene worldwide by sponsoring events, providing support, competing, investing in their teams...

The main brands with which we collaborate are: Kendama USA, Kendama-Europe, Sweets Kendamas, Krom Kendama, Terra Kendama...

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For those of you who still don't know what a kendama is, here's some information about this game

What's a Kendama?

Kendama is a skill game with Japanese origin, consisting of 2 basic parts. A hammer-shaped handle called Ken attached by a rope to a ball called Tama that has a hole to be inserted by the end of the hammer or pick.

In addition, the Ken has 3 zones called plates on the sides and bottom of the hammer and a pick at the top.

In spite of the apparent simplicity of these elements, they offer the base to carry out infinity of different tricks and, although the basic movements are relatively simple to learn, the range of tricks and difficulty of the same ones grows of exponential form doing that the practice of the kendama never lets evolve in the time.

Kendama Parts

Next we show you all the parts of the kenama with its name in English and Japanese

  1. Ken - Handle
  2. Kenkai - Stick Point
  3. Ozara - Big Cup
  4. Chuzara- Bottom Cup
  5. Kozara - Small Cup
  6. Tama - Ball
  7. Ana - Hole
  8. Ito - Thread
  9. Sarado - Crosspiece
  10. Arista del plato pequeño
  11. Arista del plato grande
  12. Parador
  13. Fondo
  14. Agujero para la cuerda.

Benefits of Kendama

At a time when we are completely surrounded by technology, the rise of a classic game full of tradition is a new leisure alternative for young people. Kendama has been able to adapt to new times and today is closely associated with urban culture and has thousands of followers around the world.

Its practice has many benefits, among which we can highlight the following:

Eye-Hand Coordination
Kendama helps greatly improve eye-hand coordination which is a complex cognitive skill and is employed in most of our daily activities. In a very short time we will realize that the movements or tricks that at first seemed impossible, seem to us more accessible until we come to dominate them.
Hobby to be shared
The practice of kendama is a fun and suitable activity for all ages, so it is an ideal hobby to share between friends and different family members.
Ability to Overcome
As we have mentioned, kendama is an activity that is easy to learn but very difficult to master. There are always new challenges and tricks to learn, which makes us continually test our ability to overcome.
Economic Hobby
It is a very economical hobby where the initial investment is limited to the purchase of a kendama, which have very affordable prices, and does not require high additional costs in practice.
It's a toy that has no limit. It provides a fun since we began to learn and that keeps it by its constant evolution.
The kendama is a hobby that can be practiced both in group and alone and due to the high degree of concentration it requires, it is perfect for mentally evading any problem or concern of the day to day during your practice.

Kendama Videos

Below you can see some videos of what can be done with a Kendama with many hours of practice

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