Cardistry is one of the most innovative and fastest growing arts today, related to the world of playing cards

A basic definition but one that would define it perfectly would be, the art of doing tricks, flourishes or juggling with packs of cards. 

Although with differences, it is an activity that shares similarities with other skills such as kendamas, yo-yo, or even skateboarding, in that we are talking about trying to learn new tricks to keep moving forward.

Cardistry Decks

Below we will explain some points about Cardistry decks.

  1. Quality Decks: Although we have said that you can start with any deck, once you have taken the first steps, it is necessary to have a quality deck, as there are many moves where you need a slip and a feel that a poor quality deck cannot achieve.
  2. Design: Although the design of a deck has nothing to do with its functionality, cardistry is very much related to art and the sequences or tricks are much more impressive with a good design. That is why many cardistry decks show very eye-catching designs. Besides, the design is also something attractive that adapts to your personality and, although it doesn't affect the tricks themselves, it can make you feel more comfortable when practicing.
  3. Deck size: In the world of card decks, there are infinite sizes, although the most common are the size of the poker cards or the bridge cards. Both sizes can be used for cardistry but the most widespread is, without doubt, the poker size that is used practically all over the world since they are wider and there are many tricks for which this size is required.
  4. Decks to start with: Considering what we have said, a good deck recommendation to start with could be the Bycicle or Tally-ho decks. They are two of the most popular brands (talking about quality cards) and have a perfect finish and quality. The basic designs of these brands are the most recognized in the world of magic and you can find them at an affordable price in many shops.
  5. Deck condition: The cardistry decks do not have to be completely new. In fact, the ideal point to practice is when the deck already has a certain amount of use, which allows the cars to continue to slide but not as much as at the beginning. This makes certain cuts and movements easier to make. But it can't have a lot of wear and tear either, because the cards can be bent and not behave evenly and the sliding can even disappear.
  6. Take care of the deck: To avoid or delay changing your deck as much as possible, you need to take care of your cards as much as you can. To do this, always use them with clean hands to prevent the grease of your skin is transferred to the cards.  Try to practice on a soft surface, as in many of the movements you may drop all the cards on the floor and they will be bent and scratched when you do it on a hard surface. Avoid leaving them in a damp environment or directly under the sun.

Where to buy Cardistry decks?

If you want to buy card decks for cardistry, as we have said you, can do it in any shop that sells playing cards.

But if you are already looking for quality playing cards, we recommend that you look in specialised playing card shops or magic shops. Of course, we also recommend our own online shop, where we have more than 300 models of playing cards, all of them of the highest quality and with a lot of designs to choose from.  Below we show you some models, but if you want to see them all, click on the following button

How to learn Cardistry?

Although reaching a high level in Cardistry will take many hours of practice, it is a discipline in which you are lucky enough to be able to practice at any time and anywhere. 

In addition, you have infinite written and video resources at your fingertips and totally free of charge, with which you can learn and practice.

This is why, in the end, the level you reach will depend exclusively on the hours you are willing to train.

Here are some tips for learning caridstry:

1.- Learn the basics

Before trying to learn big tricks or moves, focus on learning and mastering the most basic movements. Starting out differently will result in frustration and most likely abandonment of your new hobby.

2.- Learn gradually

Related to the previous point, try to learn tricks that have a gradual difficulty, without making big jumps that involve techniques that you do not master.

3.- Learn what you like best

Within cardistry there is a multitude of variations and styles. You don't have to master them all and it's better to focus on the techniques you like best, as learning is easier when you do something you really like and want to learn.

4.- Practice, practice and practice.

There is no secret. The level you reach will be directly related to the hours you invest in practice. 

The new movements that you learn, when you try them for the first time will seem very uncomfortable and, in many cases, impossible and you will see how, by practising them little by little, this sensation will change until you end up mastering them.

There are movements in which you even have to work the muscles of your hands, as they are positions to which your body is not very accustomed.

5.- Fluency rather than speed

Even if you watch videos where the movements are made at high speed, you should always focus on making them fluid, rather than fast. Speed is something that will come later.

6.- Creativity

Although one of the most rewarding parts of cardistry is the creation of your own movements, it is a phase you will have to wait until you have mastered many of the techniques.

7.- Do not give up

There will be times when the frustration is great and you feel like giving up. When you notice this feeling, it is important that you put the cards down for a while or move on to other movements that you have mastered and are comfortable with.

8.- Have fun

This is one of the points that seems most obvious, but it is one of the most important. The only objective of cardistry, especially when you are starting out, should be fun. If you don't have fun with it, don't think about other reasons such as making money with it, being a professional, etc... because these are objectives that are very difficult to reach and the people who reach them are precisely those who have a real passion for cardistry and have fun with it.

barajas cardistry

Cardistry Terminology

Like any other discipline, cardistry has its own language or terminology.

Some are intuitive and just by the name you can get an idea of what they mean, like cuts, fans but there are others that will need an explanation.

Here are a few to get you started:

  1. OH: This is an abbreviation for "One Hand". That is, tricks or movements that are done with only one hand.
  2. Stock: This is the type of paper on which the cards are printed
  3. Finish: This is the finish or type of varnish applied to the cards. Some of the most popular are Magic Finish, True Linen
  4. Knacky: erm used to describe that a movement needs a lot of practice due to its difficulty.
  5. Jam:  session or meeting of several participants to do cardistry
  6. Poop Deck: Term used to refer to a deck that is already widely used.
  7. Squids/Planks/Trainers: These are blocks of hard material that are the shape and size of small blocks of cards and are used to train moves to prevent cards from falling over.

Cardistry Tutorials

As we have mentioned before, the internet is full of resources where you can learn Cardistry.

Here are a few tutorials so you can start practicing your first moves right here. 

We also provide you with a list of different youtube channels where you can start watching videos and practising your first moves, as well as other resources.

We recommend you to start with this document that will guide you with links to tutorials of a great amount of movements ordered by difficult: CARDISTRY HUB

Youtube channels (Cardistry Videos):

School of Cardistry

Fontaine Cardistry

Cardistry Touch

Best Cardistry Alive


Lotus in Hands


Anyone Worldwide

Instagram Cardistry

It is another inexhaustible source of knowledge about cardistry and a social network that will allow you to meet and follow a lot of cardistry artists.

Here are a few to get you started and through them you will reach many others:

@aedijux , @annadeguzman , @anyoneww , @bestcardistalive , @cardistrytouch , @dealersgrip , @jaspas , @mattbeaudouin , @notseano y @visualmadness

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