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Feel the Universe is much more than a card company... tries to bring you a new cardistry and magic experience. 
_x000D_ In 2016, the first edition of Odyssey Cards was almost 200% funded and, last year, Boreal Edition came to the world thanks to more than 250 people who supported the Kickstarter project. We hit the goal in the fourth day, reaching almost the 300% of the goal. And finally, in 2018, Aether Edition become real thanks to 544 backers! You made Odysseys real, and now…we want to offer to this amazing community something more…We evolved for you…this year…in collaboration with Antno Creative…is time to Odyssey Nova. 
_x000D_ Antonio Martínez (AntnO) is a creative mind based in Málaga, Spain. He works as a designer, animator and advertising creative executive on his own agency. More than five years have passed since antnO started sharing his love for playing cards, magic and cardistry on Instagram.
_x000D_ The hard work in his profile has allowed him to collaborate and work with big brands such as Art of Play, Ellusionist, Bicycle or Cartamundi. So far he has produced and launched three decks to the market. Now antnO has joined Feel the Universe’s team to collaborate in the design process of the Odyssey Nova Edition.
_x000D_ Odyssey Nova is the result of on year of hard work. Everything in this deck makes sense. Have been maintained the feelings that Feel the Universe and the previous Odyssey editions have provoked. The essence has been maintained. However, Odyssey Nova is much more than the previous editions… 
_x000D_ New back design, new tuck case, new figures and new pips!  
_x000D_ 52 playing Cards + 2 Jokers + Blank card.
_x000D_ White Matt and embossed tuck box (Metallic Foil).
_x000D_ Magic Finish. Classic paper stock.
_x000D_ Totally personalized.
_x000D_ Printed in Taiwan.
_x000D_ Produced by Hanson Chien Production Co.
_x000D_ Odyssey Nova is crafted with one of the best paper stocks in the world, Classic paper stock. Has been used a new version of Classic paper stock thinner and softer than the one used for the First Edition, but not as thin as Aether Edition so it will give you more comfort when you perform magic techniques.  
_x000D_ This time has been used the Magic finish. This finish makes cards smooth but still in excellent control. Great for cutting the deck and performing magic techniques this finish combined with Luxury paper stock makes Nova one of the best decks for every art.
_x000D_ THE BACK 
_x000D_ Odyssey’s Nova back design shows a brand new nebula. The new back is reminiscent of the First Edition, an iconic deck. Purple colors, vibrant tones and something new that makes this back amazing... the illusion of depth. 
_x000D_ Of course has been maintained iconic white diagonal stripe! And this line is the same as the Aether Edition, more futurist and modern. This line will be ever present in Odyssey designs. 
_x000D_ THE SUITS 
_x000D_ Has been designed a new collection of suits. Straight lines, clean composition and minimal construction. A modern style but closer to the standard forms than the previous editions.
_x000D_ Some details, that make the case better, have been changed. First, the paper quality is one of the best improvements in its construction. White math paper stock and embossed patterns make this tuckcase one of the most elegant and professional, perfect for impressing everyone in you magic shows or cardistry performances. 
_x000D_ If you are a magician and you like the predictions routines... this is your deck! Has been added a new detail in the dust flaps, a prediction of the “7 of diamonds”. 
_x000D_ Finally! Standard figures in Odyssey Cards. Everyone loved typical figures that have been present in the previous versions. Don’t worry, they are not gone forever. However this time has been standardized the design a little, to get closer to all the communities!
_x000D_ The color scheme used in the figures has been obtained from the back colorimetry. This make all the cards more coherent into the whole deck. 
_x000D_ New design! The futurism stays in the illustration of the jockers. Both are equal and subtle just perfect for you to perform your best routines as a magician. 
_x000D_ Nova Edition is produced and fulfilled by Hanson Chien Production Company, the same company that made the First and Second Edition of Odyssey. HCPC has not only produced a lot of popular decks, but also helped many projects successfully funded on Kickstarter, such as Frostbite, Implicit, and Chicken Nugget Playing Cards.
_x000D_ Also the fulfilment to USA is managed by Gamblers WareHouse, so you will have a great shipping services all around the world!

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