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Much more than playing cards... In our selection of premium decks, you will find real pieces of art ideal for cardistry, magic , luxury poker cards or

limited edition decks for collectors.

Playing Cards Online Store

The Joker House is an online shop specialized in playing cards, where you can find a wide catalogue of models, of many different brands and types. You can find poker cards with incredible designs, cards for collectors, cards for doing magic tricks or cards for cardistry. 

In our shop we only work with the best brands in the market so any of our cards will offer you the best quality whatever your needs are.

Our customers are the most important thing for us and in every order we always offer:

The Best Products

We are always looking for the newest and best quality products in each category

Easy Return

You can always return or change your order. Without giving any explanation

The Best Prices

We try to offer the most competitive prices on the market at all times

Fast Shipping

All orders leave our warehouse within 24 working hours.

Secure Payment

All payments at The Joker House are made on 100% secure servers outside our company

Playing Card Decks Brands

We only work with brands that specialize in playing cards, which constantly invest in improving the quality of their products and designs.

Some of the brands we work with are Theory 11, Bicycle, House of Cards, TCC Playing Cards, Murphy's Magic, Art of play, Superior, Penguin Magic, etc...

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For those of you who would like to know a little more about the world of playing cards and the types of cards we can find, here is some more information:

Deck of Cards: Definition and Origin

The deck is a set of playing cards that are usually rectangular in shape and made of cardboard. We are talking about the traditional deck, the more modern ones can be made of other materials depending on the use to which they are going to be put.

They always have two sides, on the one hand they are printed with a drawing that is the same on all the cards, and on the other they are different and are differentiated by a number, a colour or a particular suit.

The origin of playing cards, like many other games, is in China around 1120 where wood engraving was used to make the cards. Around the 13th century, the first decks were found in the Middle East, hand-coloured and divided into four suits. In 1375, they arrived in Europe and each region modified the suits and figures for those they considered more suitable to their culture.

Types of Playing Cards Decks

Cards can be classified according to different criteria, such as origin or use.

Here we are going to show you the differences we can find according to the use we are going to give to our cards. Therefore, we can find:

Playing Card Decks

Card Decks for Magic

Cardistry Decks

Limited Edition Decks

Cardistry Decks

One term we hear a lot these days is Cardistry

To practice this special modality of skill, juggling, art or as you prefer to call it, it is advisable to use some special cards for it.

The cards for cardistry usually have these characteristics:

Very colourful or special designs that make the show come alive in every movement. The material of the cards has to be very manageable, they are soft cards of little weight to manipulate easily between the fingers of the artist. Translated with 

Card Decks for Magic

To perform simple magic tricks we can really use any deck, but when we want to do more professional use and tricks that require more skills and precision it is essential that the pack of cards has certain characteristics in terms of materials and finish.

In the market we can also find special cards for magic, because they have something particular in their numeration, in their suits, there are even white, transparent... very useful for certain magic tricks.

Collectible and Limited Editions Playing Cards

Many are the fans of the world of playing cards,They love its touch, its graphics, its designer, its numbered series...

There is a very large market around the collecting of playing cards.We can find limited editions of very exclusive cards that any expert in the field would like to have.

The decks of cards for collections are treated with great care, their condition is a requirement for their subsequent value on the market.

If your intention when you buy a deck is to deal with it later, it should not be opened and is usually kept intact in its original plastic, so that it does not lose value.

There are other types of people who like to collect them for their personal use, either because they are dedicated to magic, cardistry or because they are card lovers..

In Joker House you can find cards that are authentic works of art, with different themes, astrological, mythological, modern, geometrical, symbolic, colourful, childish, elegant, modern, cards made of special materials... whatever you are looking for, here in the shop you will find that special card.

Benefits of using playing cards

So much technology makes it also good to return a little to the more classic games, manual games to practice individually or to share with the family.

There are plenty of card games for all ages. From the most classic to the most modern, we are in continuous development and always come up with cooler games to have a good time.

As we have commented, the use of cards has many benefits, among which we can highlight the following:

Hand-Eye Coordination
Card games, especially in cardistry where card juggling tricks are performed, help us to greatly improve eye-hand coordination which is a complex cognitive skill and is used in most of our daily activities. With good practice, and being constant, in a short time we will see how we improve and what at first seemed impossible, later turns out to be quite simple .
Hobby to share
The good thing about playing cards is that it is fun and suitable for all ages, making it ideal entertainment to share with family, friends or any staff. There is nothing better than sharing an activity with the whole family.
Ability to improve
Card games help us to boost our ability to improve. Whether it is magic tricks, where we are always trying to improve, or cardistry where regular practice is required to improve juggling and card handling, our desire to improve is always latent.
Affordable Hobby
A very positive point is that it is a very affordable game. Simply by buying a deck of cards you can have a lot of fun. However, the cost of the cards also depends on the interest of each person, since the collectors want to invest money to keep the cards and increase their collection gradually, although it is an investment that can be very profitable in the future.
There is no doubt that card games provide us with great hours of fun. It is a toy that will accompany us throughout our lives, as there are games for all ages. Not to mention the fun it provides for magicians, cardplayers or experienced players... With cards, good times are guaranteed.
It is important to have time to evade and cards help us to achieve this. By focusing our attention on the game, or on the trick we want to learn, our mind leaves aside the problems, worries or concerns of everyday life. A game of cards, is an excellent medicine against daily stress. Let's play!

Playing Card Decks Videos

Below you can see some videos where you can see what can be achieved with a deck of cards. With a little practice, you can surely get to do wonderful things like this too:

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